Molly K. Weden

(925) 381-4905


A yard, front or back, is your own piece of Earth to take care of and enjoy.

I can help you enjoy a garden layout that will be efficient with resources and sustainable. Depending on how you want to enjoy the space, I can create a peaceful sanctuary, curb appeal, and/or a garden you’ll love to share when entertaining.

During the Initial Consultation, we will discuss what you require in a garden. We will discuss problem areas and any limiting factors such as Home Owner Association rules, etc. I will suggest ideas and plant palettes with you keeping in mind your goals.  If the property’s dimensions aren’t readily available, as in a plot map, I will measure the area of the yard(s).  A tour of the property and photos will be taken at this time.

The ideas and inspirations come to fruition in the Conceptual Phase, when a plan is created. Here is where art and science truly blends. A plot will be drawn up for your unique property, along with a plant and materials list.  This usually takes from 2 to 5 hours, depending on size & complexity of yards. The drawing will be rendered so that your contractor can easily implement it. There will be a two to three week turn-around time.

We meet together again for the Final Consult. I will explain the drawing and list. We can discuss any changes and/or extensions.